SMIDER- Prototype needs your support

I was sitting in a traffic jam some time in 2015 and imagined how it would be if the fixed divider next to me could be a movable one instead of being fixed. I wanted to bring this to life and alleviate the road traffic issues in my city of Bengaluru.

Now we have built the world’s first smart road divider to address road traffic congestion and improve the movement of traffic across Indian cities. The solution is called SMIDER.

SMIDER is a device built on proprietary technology which enables traffic management authorities reduce congestion times by routing traffic into alternate routes or allows for an increase in lanes of your existing road network to optimize the flow of traffic in your city network.

Completed in 2016, the device is awaiting some funds to take it live as traffic authorities are keen to bring it to life but dont know how to fund it. Can folks from our country step forward and help me take this live by providing me funds for deploying the product?

The bank account tagged to this fund raiser is in the name of ‘SMIDER Technology Pvt Ltd’- linked to our HDFC account, all donors will be provided a status report of activities undertaken post the fund raise cycle is completed.

Attaching the video of the actual working prototype here:

Attaching a video of the news coverage received for the SMIDER initiative and its use cases:


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