Caterpillar SMIDER

The Caterpillar SMIDER is a solution built on proprietary technology.  It enables traffic management authorities increase or decrease lane capacity as per traffic needs.

Since the devices can be installed instead of a traditional divider it can increase road capacity without building expensive flyovers\overpasses or diverting existing traffic to build new infrastructure.

The Caterpillar SMIDER allows for an increase in lanes on your existing road as traffic moves into the core urban grid during rush hours. Alternatively it can be used to decrease the number of lanes going out of a business district during the evening to optimize traffic flow out of the cities. The solution can also be used on existing bridges/overpasses/flyovers to augment or change capacity dynamically.

Lastly the Caterpillar SMIDER can take over the role of a traditional signal by simply being placed there as a static box instead of being used in its active mode.

Rotational SMIDER

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