Rotational SMIDER

Rotational SMIDER is a device built on proprietary technology which enables traffic management authorities reduce congestion times by routing traffic into alternate roads.

Since the device can be installed as a stand alone unit within a regular divider installation it can work to route traffic without building expensive flyovers or underpasses etc.

Rotational SMIDER reduces pollution by reducing idle times and provide travelers an unique and sci-fi way to travel their city road network. The solution provides accurate measurements of pollution in the city by device specific measurements.

Rotational SMIDER can optimize the flow of traffic in your city network. The solution can create diversions on roundabouts to ensure that vehicles do not flow in a direction that is not advised by the traffic management centers.

Rotational SMIDER provides additional revenue to the traffic department by identifying vehicles which speed excessively in city zones, fights crime by aiding in the capture of criminals in vehicles, helps emergency vehicles by routing them to their destination faster.

Lastly the solution can take over the role of a traditional signal by simply being placed there as a static box instead of being used in the active mode to route traffic to alternate destinations.

Caterpillar SMIDER

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